The Luna Festival will open its doors at 13:30!
Would you like to see a timetable with all of our activities? You can find that here.
All of our workshops require no prior knowledge or experience to participate!


Gamelan workshop [16:00 – 17:00]
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Gamelan is traditional Indonesian folk music made up predominantly of percussive instruments like drums, kulintangs, gongs and xylophones, but also flutes. During this workshop, you’ll be part of a gamelan orchestra! Explore this unique style of music, and how it differs from our western style due to its microtonal compositions.

Percussion workshop [17:00 – 18:00]
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In this workshop you’ll be learning how to make awesome music using a Djembe. These skin-covered drums are played with your bare hands, allowing everyone to get together in a circle and play their Djembe’s together to create a fun, harmonious beat! To make sure everything runs smoothly, we’d prefer it if everyone arrives 5 minutes early to this workshop.

Singing workshop [18:15 – 19:00]
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Quadrivium, the student association for classical music in Eindhoven, will be giving a singing workshop! No prior knowledge or experience required. Let them provide you with some tips and you’ll be singing with the stars soon.


Modern workshop [15:15 – 15:45]
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Modern dance is a modern take on the classic ballet, making it an expressive style of dancing where you use your body to express yourself. In this workshop dancing association Footloose will be teaching you how you can express yourself in this energetic dance style!

Zouk workshop [17:15 – 17:45]
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Zouk is a beautiful sensual dance, with lots of fluid movements under a nice beat. In this workshop dancing association Footloose will teach you the basic steps to this excotic dance style. Zouk is danced with a partner, but you can also sign up by yourself and find a partner at the workshop!

Balfolk workshop [19:30 – 20:30]
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Folk dances are dances that are usually danced in larger groups, focussing more on having fun together as opposed to focussing on technique. During this workshop, you’ll be learning the steps to some of the most iconic folk dances. Accompanied by live music we’ll all join together and dance classics like the jig and the Scottish.

Burlesque workshop [21:45 – 22:15]
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Discover your inner diva and learn how to embrace your sensual side in our burlesque workshop. There will be no nudity in this workshop, but you will learn how to celebrate your femininity and have a great time! While primarily aimed at women, men are also free to come and explore their sexy, feminine side.

Lightpainting workshop [17:00 – 18:00] & [21:00 – 22:00]
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Sign up here for FREE! [21:00 – 22:00]
This photographic technique of moving a light source while taking a long exposure photograph allows you to “draw” awesome effects onto your pictures. Want to find out how this works exactly? Photography association Dekate Mousa will help you create awesome lightpainting pictures in this workshop.

Manga drawing workshop [19:00 – 20:00]
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Want to add a little more expression to your drawings? In this manga workshop, experienced manga artists from 2draw will teach you how to draw several basic facial expressions to bring your drawings to life! No prior experience required.


Japanese lesson [15:00 – 15:30]
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Always wondered how to introduce yourself in japanese? In this workshop Japanese Culture Association Kinjin will teach you the basics you need to communicate in this language! Gather at the Camelot hall beforehand and our volunteers will escort you to our workshop location.

Swordfighting workshop [16:15 – 17:00]
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Experience the difference in western and eastern styles of swordfighting in this collaborative workshop between Kinjin and the Knights. You’ll be borrowing swords and practicing swings in both medieval style swordfighting as well as the japanese kendo style. Which style will suit you more?

Debating workshop [17:30 – 18:30]
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Chronos will teach you how to become better at public speaking and structuring arguments. Never lose a discussion again! Gather at the Camelot hall beforehand and our volunteers will escort you to our workshop location.