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The festival will open its doors at 13:30!

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Doors open [13:00]
The Luna Festival will open her doors at 13:00! Be ready for a day full of awesome experiences as you explore a cultural new world.

Drone Flight Showcase [15:00 – 17:00]
This year, Eindhoven’s drone student team Blue Jay is also attending the Luna Festival! Blue Jay will spread her wings outside the main entrance of Luna, and team members will be there to provide answers to all questions. Come by if you want to have a chat with her! We look forward to seeing you at the festival.

Western Experience [14:30 – 17:15]
Here you’ll find an old western casino filled with live actors and gambling games. Walk in at any time during this event and you’ll receive a few chips from us for free! Use them to challenge our various characters to their favorite games and see how many you can earn at the end of the day!

Roleplaying [18:15 – 19:30]
The Knights of the Kitchen Table will be recruiting new adventurers to go on an epic quest with them. Gather in the living room where you’ll be able to choose between several different stories and experience them in an interactive roleplaying adventure.

Little Lake Tiny [20:00 – 20:45]
Five men with a predilection for Americana, guitars and pop music play together in this band. With a musical past in alternative lo-fi and guitar bands, there is now the alt-pop-country of Big Lake Tiny. Self-written songs with influences from alternative country and West Coast pop music. Energetic and polyphonic with a compulsive urge for melody.

Barnyard Tea [21:15 – 22:00]
Do these cold winter days make you want Spring to come sooner? The uplifting music of ‘Barnyard Tea’ brings you that spring feeling, and an urge to dance. The rowdy, stomping bluegrass of Barnyard Tea combines style, class and a whiff of rock&roll in their approach of American traditionals.

Herman in een bakje geitenkwark [14:00 – 14:30]
The first to take the stage at the Luna Festival 2019 are the four guys from Herman in een bakje Geitenkwark! This cabaret quartet, with their quirky humor and absurd inventions, will take you on a ride in your own imagination with the question “what do you really want?”.

Vokollage + Orchestra [15:15 – 15:45]
Quadrivium’s mixed choir Vokollage will be backed up by an orchestra to create an amazing, otherworldly sound! Enjoy this collaborative performance as their voices will reach for the stars!

Project Sputnik [16:15 – 17:00]
Our starting point is improvisation and authentic movement, leading to creation of choreography and finally to a performance. For Luna Festival 2019, our one-year-anniversary, we present to you the ‘A new world’ production. Visions of a world very different that ours, alienating our own bodies… or maybe exactly mirroring the world as we know it, reflecting and criticizing and showing another side. Showing differences but also similarities and familiarities.
Through different styles of dance we communicate our story to the audience. We, the improvisation dancers of ESDV Footloose, hope to take you (temporarily) to another place and bring your something inspiring and new.

Doppio plays Waterdagen [17:30 – 18:30]
Doppio will perform the play Waterdagen, which will show you a summer at the Maas where everything changes after the arrival of a letter. A play about stubbornness, grasping and letting go and how you cannot do both at once… Once the play has started you can no longer enter the room, so make sure you’re in time!

JAZZ CARTOON BAND [19:30 – 20:30]
After the worldwide success of TUBAn “Larva” which won 2 Animation awards (WAF Festival, Shanghai Festival), JAZZ CARTOON has been producing its Jazz music concerts with sponsor TUBAn and CJ Cultural Foundation. These are unique events where the film is projected as JAZZ CARTOON executes the Jazz music live. Each performance is completely unique because JAZZ CARTOON original music was improvised almost in its entirety and although the dramatic effect achieved in the film is duplicated, the organic aspect of the performance requires that the improvisational spirit be left untouched.

Pipi Belli [21:00 – 21:30]
Pipi Belli is an improvisation-collective that plays music based on fun. From world music to jazz, from funk to soul, from bossa to hip hop, until a Dutch lullaby remains.

Herbs vs Seasoning [22:00 – 22:30]
This band creates their own music in a colourful mix of pop and rock with a hint of ska. A bit of No Doubt here, some flutes there and a ton of musical talent in between. The Luna Festival will be the performance for these artists and they’d love to hear your feedback! Welcome, to the maiden voyage of Herbs vs Seasoning…

PEER [23:00 – 23:45]
Since 2014 a fresh wind is blowing through the streets of the ever so calm city of Middelburg, the hometown of ‘PEER’. This fresh breeze of air is a mixture of energetic indie rock and catchy Britpop. The four band members are young but far from fresh faced. PEER will wrap up the Luna Festival with an amazing performance!

DJ KaBera [0:00 – 2:00]
KaBera will keep the Luna Festival party going until late in the night with a fantastic back to back DJ performance! In the mood for some dancing and drinks after an entire day full of workshops and performances? KaBera won’t disappoint!

Aeris [14:30 – 15:15]
Aeris is a ten-member ensemble from Eindhoven, formed by students of the Eindhoven Technical University. With instruments like the trombone, trumpet, saxophone, euphonium, tuba and percussion they play a repertoire ranging from pop to hiphop to brass! This band knows how to make a party out of nothing, so they’re off to make a great start to this years festival!

Los Pidrillos [15:45 – 16:30]
Combining the steamy soul of Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye with the funky grooves of the Tower of Power and the Average White Band, Los Pidrillos is certainly not the ordinary jazz band! Are you ready for some some funky tunes? Los Pidrillos is a band you won’t want to miss!  

Percussion workshop [17:00 – 18:00]
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In this workshop you’ll be learning how to make awesome music using a Djembe. These skin-covered drums are played with your bare hands, allowing everyone to get together in a circle and play their Djembe’s together to create a fun, harmonious beat! To make sure everything runs smoothly, we’d prefer it if everyone arrives 5 minutes early to this workshop.

Fier! [18:45 – 19:15]
Clarinet quartet Fier! Is the ensemble of the music association Quadrivium where the clarinet is the center of the act. They’re ready to blow you away with their amazing repertoire!

Project LaiQa [19:45 – 20:15]
A collaboration between a Quadrivium ensemble and Footloose’s Project Sputnik. Improvisation on piano and violin combined with 6 dancers with very different dance backgrounds. They will take you on a visual fairytalesque and emotional journey through music and dance. Come and watch this performance experience. Once the performance has started you can no longer enter the room, so make sure you’re in time!

Peter and the wolf [20:30 – 21:00]
Experience his traditional symphonic fairytale as performed by Quadrivium’s wind quintet Hok2. Supported by a physical theatre performance from theatre association Doppio, you can follow Peter on his musical adventure.

Bar 38 [21:30 – 22:00]
Bar 38 is a classical clarinet-piano-viola ensembe, contituted of (ex-)students of the TU/e. Their repertoire varies between Mozart, Bruch but also modern composers like Smit. Sabine, Jan Pieter and Anoek all share a passion for classical music, but did you know their shoe size also has a resemblance…

3 bro’s 1 bra [22:30 – 23:00]
This 1 bra and her 3 bro’s have a passion for a broad spectrum of rock music. From classic rock to modern metal, this group has it all! Armed with a healthy dose of humor, a love for great music, this group is sure to make a party out of every performance!

Dance preview [14:45 – 15:00]
In this dance preview, dancing association Footloose will give an impression of all the different types of dance you’ll be able to see or even perform yourself during the Luna Festival! See anything you’d like to learn? Be sure to sign up for the corresponding workshops.

Modern workshop [15:15 – 15:45]
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Modern dance is a modern take on the classic ballet, making it an expressive style of dancing where you use your body to express yourself. In this workshop dancing association Footloose will be teaching you how you can express yourself in this energetic dance style!

Swordfighting workshop [16:15 – 17:00]
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Experience the difference in western and eastern styles of swordfighting in this collaborative workshop between Kinjin and the Knights. You’ll be borrowing swords and practicing swings in both medieval style swordfighting as well as the japanese kendo style. Which style will suit you more?

Zouk workshop [17:15 – 17:45]
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Zouk is a beautiful sensual dance, with lots of fluid movements under a nice beat. In this workshop dancing association Footloose will teach you the basic steps to this excotic dance style. Zouk is danced with a partner, but you can also sign up by yourself and find a partner at the workshop!

Singing workshop [18:15 – 19:00]
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Quadrivium, the student association for classical music in Eindhoven, will be giving a singing workshop! No prior knowledge or experience required. Let them provide you with some tips and you’ll be singing with the stars soon.

Balfolk workshop [19:30 – 20:30]
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Folk dances are dances that are usually danced in larger groups, focussing more on having fun together as opposed to focussing on technique. During this workshop, you’ll be learning the steps to some of the most iconic folk dances. Accompanied by live music we’ll all join together and dance classics like the jig and the Scottish.

Dance show “Invisible heroes” [21:00 – 21:15]
Invisible heroes is a group dance show about inner struggles people may face, the strength it takes to just exist and the tremendous often unseen courage it takes to grow away from your shadows into freedom and light. Light with which you might warm, enlight, and inspire others to also dance as their true selves in utter connection and pure love. Once the performance has started you can no longer enter the room, so make sure you’re in time!

Burlesque workshop [21:45 – 22:45]
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Discover your inner diva and learn how to embrace your sensual side in our burlesque workshop. There will be no nudity in this workshop, but you will learn how to celebrate your femininity and have a great time! While primarily aimed at women, men are also free to come and explore their sexy, feminine side.

Jazzal [16:45 – 17:15]
Jazzal is a 7-head jazz combo that emerged from participants of the 2009 StudentProof Jazz Course. The combo consists of a rhythm section (drums, bass, piano, guitar) and a three-man horn section. This combo is sure to get everyone swinging on the floor!

Random Precision [17:45 – 18:15]
Random Precision is a band consisting of 5 students from Eindhoven. Besides covering many popular rock and pop songs, they will also occasionally make their own songs, making it a fun combination of known classics and refreshing new music!

Hootie Tootie [19:00 – 19:30]
Feeling like dancing and swinging the night away? Then you are in for a party with Hootie Tootie! This group will blow you away with a lovely mix of old skool rock ‘n roll, classic soul, and swinging blues songs! This is not your ordinary jazz band, but you can expect old timers such as Nina Simone and Elvis Presley, but also some more modern works such as John Mayer!

Pubquiz with Studentproof [20:30 – 21:30]
Ready to put your trivia skills ot the test? Chronos and Studentproof have teamed up to host an exciting, challenging pubquiz, complemented by live music. Form a team with some friends, grab a beer and test your knowledge!

*A volunteer will gather all participants for these workshops 15 minutes before they start and guide them to the workshop location.

Japanese lesson [15:00 – 15:30]
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Always wondered how to introduce yourself in japanese? In this workshop Japanese Culture Association Kinjin will teach you the basics you need to communicate in this language! Gather at the Camelot hall beforehand and our volunteers will escort you to our workshop location.

Gamelan workshop [16:00 – 17:00]
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Gamelan is traditional Indonesian folk music made up predominantly of percussive instruments like drums, kulintangs, gongs and xylophones, but also flutes. During this workshop, you’ll be part of a gamelan orchestra! Explore this unique style of music, and how it differs from our western style due to its microtonal compositions.

Debating workshop [17:30 – 18:30]
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Chronos will teach you how to become better at public speaking and structuring arguments. Never lose a discussion again! Gather at the Camelot hall beforehand and our volunteers will escort you to our workshop location.

Manga drawing workshop [19:00 – 20:00]
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Want to add a little more expression to your drawings? In this manga workshop, experienced manga artists from 2draw will teach you how to draw several basic facial expressions to bring your drawings to life! No prior experience required.

Drawing room [14:30 – 18:00]
Want to relax a little and just make some cool drawings in peace? The drawing room is just the place for you! Here you can spend all day drawing to your heart’s content while experienced manga artists from 2draw can provide you with tips!

Photobooth [14:45 – 17:00] & [18:00 – 21:00]
Whether you met some cool people you don’t want to forget, or just want to take a silly picture with your friends, Photography association Dekate Mousa will have their photobooth opened for most of the festival to take some memorable pictures of you!

Lightpainting workshop [17:00 – 18:00] & [21:00 – 22:00]
Sign up here for FREE! [17:00 – 18:00]
Sign up here for FREE! [21:00 – 22:00]
This photographic technique of moving a light source while taking a long exposure photograph allows you to “draw” awesome effects onto your pictures. Want to find out how this works exactly? Photography association Dekate Mousa will help you create awesome lightpainting pictures in this workshop.

Change my mind [14:30 – 20:00]
Throughout the day, veteran debaters from Chronos will put up controversial opinions on which you can debate them in an attempt to change their mind. Put your debating skills to the test and tell them why they’re wrong!

Drone Flight Showcase [19:00 – 21:00]
This year, Eindhoven’s drone student team Blue Jay is also attending the Luna Festival! Blue Jay will be showcasing her interactive aspects in the hallway, and team members will be there to provide answers to all questions. Come by if you want to have a chat with her! We look forward to seeing you at the festival.