When and where? 
16th of March, from 14.00 in Luna. See you there!

What can I do at the festival? 
We have a big spectrum of cultural activities and performances. From dance, music and theater to lightpainting and japanese lessons! You can view all of our activities on this page.

I would love to help during the festival. Is it possible to volunteer?
Yes! You can sign up as a volunteer using this link. All volunteers will recieve a Luna Festival shirt and free lunch!

Why is the theme ‘A new world’?
Last years theme “Fly me to the moon” refered to all Scala organisations moving to a new building: Luna. This year we’ve arrived there and we’re all excited to explore this “new world” together with you!

When is the subscription deadline for the workshops?
There is no subscription deadline, you can even sign up during the festival! But beware, there are only a limited amount of spots for each workshop. So if you really want to participate, make sure to register in time!

How much is the entrance fee?
Entry is FREE! The Luna Festival is available for everyone. However, some workshop will require a small contribution to participate. These costs will be listed on the workshops page.

Help, my question is not on this page!
No worries, if you have any other questions regarding the Luna Festival, you can find our contact information on this page.