Dos and don’ts

To make sure that the Luna Festival will be an amazing day foreveryone, we ask you the following:


  • Bring your ID: Under 18? no bracelet? no alcohol!
  • pick up your (free!) bracelet at the entrance and wear it during the
    festival: without it, you will not have access to festival activities
  • act respectful to the artists, volunteers and fellow guests
  • please open your bag if you are asked to, our volunteers will treat
    your personal belongings with respect
  • ask one of the crew members if you have any questions
  • follow the instructions of the crew, BHV or security
  • enjoy yourself!


  • bring your own food and drinks, except for water bottles
  • smoke at the festival terrain
  • bring any sorts of weapons or dangerous objects, glass is not allowed


  • By entering the festival area, you agree to potentially having your image recorded for
    promotional activities
  • At the festival you can only pay with coins, they can be bought near the entrance. Coins can be used in Bar Hubble until April 1st
  • There is a wardrobe for you to put your coat during the day, for half a coin
  • You can sign up for a workshop until 15 minutes before start
  • We strive to be as green as possible: please separate your trash and reuse your cup
  • You can be asked to leave the festival if you do not follow these guidelines